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The turning point in user experiences with software is here.  The transition from text based user interfaces to graphical user interfaces has been long and challenging.  The Net Gen is far more aware of what makes a good user experience when using technology than every before.  I would put much of this down to the advances in web technologies.  The ability to get instant access to information. The mass of creativity in designing cutting edge web sites that fuse sound, animation, video and other effect to provide rich visual interactive experiences. This experience is far removed from the many business applications that were simple conversions from their original text based forms to good old grey forms.  Now I'm not saying that everything should be rewritten to be in 3D and have surround sound, but what I am saying is ease of use and productivity can be greatly improved with good user experience design.  (slide 1)

The biggest enabler in accelerating advances in user experience will be through the tools used to develop applications.  We have invested heavily in R&D to improve the software development experience when using Visual Studio and now this is spanning into a new suite of tools called Expression.  The Expression tools combined with Visual Studio are designed to create rich compelling user experiences spanning from the desktop to the web and to mobile devices.  Using underlying technologies including SQL for data, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) for the desktop, using Silverlight for the Web and in the not so distant future using Silverlight for mobile devices will deliver greater visual representations of information and higher levels of interaction than every before.  The opportunity is huge and it's here today. (slide 2)

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