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Looking at where we have come from and where we are today is a good place to start when beginning to think about changes for the future.  John C Maxwell wrote a book called 'Thinking for a Change' which clearly inspired me for the sub title of this section of the presentation.  (slide 1)

I always like to ask an audience which Microsoft technologies they are using and I especially like to ask this question when my audience is partners as I believe our partners make the best case studies when working with customers.  I asked about Windows Vista.  I asked how many people in the audience were using Windows Vista every day, not just looking at Vista, but actively using it day-in-day-out.  With only a few exceptions (and you know who you are) most partners are working 'without walls' to use the current terminology.  My team and I have long advocated the use of Windows Vista as the best place to work.  That's where I go to work every day knowing that it is secure and allows me to easily connect to my software services wherever I may find myself literally without walls.  (slide 2)

The final slide here was a bit of a nostalgic look back at where Windows came from and where it has evolved.  I highlighted Microsoft's commitment through the many versions of windows to compatibility with previous versions.  The key point raised here is in preparation for Windows 7.  It's early days for Windows 7 but already we have released pre beta versions to thousands of software developers at the PDC (Professional Developers Conference)  and to hardware manufacturers at WinHEC (Windows Hardware and Engineering Conference).  The current view is that any software/hardware that works with Windows Vista SP1 or later will work well with Windows 7.  So if you are deploying Windows Vista SP1 today you will have a much simplified upgrade path to Windows 7 when it ships and you can start to take advantage of the many improvements in user experience and security with Windows Vista now.  (slide 3)

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