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    Since there aren't many written sources for sharing categories, I thought it might be useful to discuss a bit on this topic and how can this be achieved in Outlook 2010. As a background information for versions prior to Outlook 2007 category information was stored in the local registry. T here...
  • Blog Post: Useful tools while troubleshooting Outlook issues (3) - MFCMAPI

    Continuing with the tools series I will briefly describe MFCMAPI tool in this post. MFCMAPI is one of most complex tools that we can use to investigate Outlook issues and not only. Taking in consideration the complexity of this tool, I will not be able to describe everything or to give examples...
  • Blog Post: Mailbox Quota in Outlook 2010 - general information and troubleshooting tips

    Mailbox Size and Quota information are two different pieces of information we can get from the “Thermometer” on the Outlook status bar. The quota thermometer provides awareness of the size of your mailbox and how far you are from reaching the limit. Outlook reads these values from MAPI...