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  • Blog Post: Change first day of the week in Outlook (FirstDov) through automatic script!

    If you want to change the calendar Work Week for example from “ Sunday until Thursday” you can do that automatically by simple running the below sample script. We took some time and we wrote this sample code which will help you to deploy this to all your users, but before doing this please...
  • Blog Post: The evolution of meeting notes in Outlook

    An Outlook meeting has a notes area that can be used to store information related to the meeting. Although it may seem very convenient to add notes directly into the meeting, there are few things that you should consider before you do this. The meeting organizer After you invite other people to...
  • Blog Post: Configuring how contacts are displayed in Outlook

    Some may think that the default format of the user/contact template in Outlook is not the most suitable for their needs. The good news is that this appearance can be changed. Let’s start with making the difference between User and Contact: a User is usually a member of our Exchange organization...