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  • Blog Post: Change first day of the week in Outlook (FirstDov) through automatic script!

    If you want to change the calendar Work Week for example from “ Sunday until Thursday” you can do that automatically by simple running the below sample script. We took some time and we wrote this sample code which will help you to deploy this to all your users, but before doing this please...
  • Blog Post: Configure Outlook Anywhere settings for all users via Group Policy

    Let’s say you have a lot of users that need to use Outlook and connect to the company mail while they are outside your company’s network. With Outlook 2007, you can use Outlook Anywhere , but how do you configure this for all users? You can use the Office Customization Tool, but this will leave the users...
  • Blog Post: Deploying Junk E-mail Safe Senders lists in Outlook

    We are all the time confronted with spam and junk emails and most of us appreciate the fact that “those” emails go into a special folder – the Junk E-mail folder. I will not go into explaining what Junk emails are all about, and I will not start to give details about the way Outlook decides what...