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Windows 8.1 Store Apps Won’t Open (Or Close Immediately) when logged on as a domain user. Make it stop! (Updated 3/14/2015)

Windows 8.1 Store Apps Won’t Open (Or Close Immediately) when logged on as a domain user. Make it stop! (Updated 3/14/2015)

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“MAKE IT STOP!” was the subject of the e-mail I received yesterday from a customer who was incredibly frustrated with an issue on his new Windows 8.1 laptop.

Have you ever seen this?  You click on an app you got from the Windows 8.1 Store and it won’t open? You click on the app, but the app simply reloads the Start screen.


(Actual closing behavior not pictured because reasons!)

This is apparently a not uncommon issue if the permissions for the "All Application Packages” group have changed in the registry or to specific folders.  These changes to the registry can be caused either by User action or by a Group Policy that has been applied to a domain joined machine.

How to fix this:

(1) Open the Registry (REGEDIT)

Check that the All Applications Packages group has READ permissions to each of the following registry paths.



This shows that HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT has READ Permissions for the All APPLICATION PACKAGES group.  You’ll need to check this for each of the registry paths listed above.


(2) Open File Explorer



Open your OS Drive (C).


Then select the Program Files folder and select Properties.



In Program Files Properties select the Security Tab.


On the Security tab click on Advanced.

On the Advanced Security Settings for Program Files screen verify that ALL APPLICATION PACKAGES has Allow Permissions Read & execute for This folder, subfolders and files.



(3) If you are unable to make the changes to the Registry or the folder permissions to Program Files, it is likely that your issue is caused by a Group Policy applied by your Domain Administrator that prevents Windows Store Apps from launching.

You can verify that this is the case by running the following:

Open an Administrator Command Prompt from your Start button.


The following steps are Optional, and may not work if you don't have the Administrative tools installed. 

You might need to download the appropriate toolset for your Operating System.

Proceed only if you have the gpresult tool.  It is not necessary to complete this step to resolve this issue.

Type the following in the Administrator Command Prompt

“gpresult /h c:\gpresults.html” without quotes.


Wait until the Report is finished being generated.


Open the report location c:\gpresults.html


Your report will look something like the below screen capture.


Look for Computer Settings – Policies\Windows Settings\Security Settings.  Check for both “File System” the entry for Registry.  If you have settings here then you need to talk to your Domain Administrator about what Group Policy Objects are being applied, and how you can get the All Application Packages group the proper permissions via the Group Policy Object.

Direct your Domain Administrator to MSKB Article KB2798317 to resolve this issue.

I’ll be updating this article over the next couple of days with additional troubleshooting steps.


  • Holy crap that fixed it. Thank you.

  • Excellent. Just fixing the permission for HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT fix my apps straight away.

  • As a pity, it does not work on my PC.
    Any other suggestions?

  • Brilliant!!! I have been looking for a workable solution for months and this worked perfectly!!! Thanks a million!!!

  • My command prompt doesn't seem to recognise gpresult /h c:\gpresults.html
    I've tried with spaces shown, without, with some without some, tried 20 different ways! I'm afraid I'm stuck forever :(

  • Thank you, working for me. :)

  • Many thanks. After many hours finally found the solution to store not opening with permission for HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT

  • problem with the admin command prompt - type in "gpresult /h c:\gpresults.html" (without the quotes included) but get an error that says "ERROR: Invalid argument/option - '/h'. Type "GPRESULT /?" for usage. Did great up until that point. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

  • thanks for sharing.

  • For the first time... Someone who knows what he is talking about !!! Nothing else on the web worked for me. This is truly Great Service - THANK YOU. One thing though... The command I had to put into cmd is not working, gives me an error /h inalid. In a nut shell, everything is working. Had to add ALL APPLICATION PACKAGES group to some registry locations - thank fixed it.

  • buy this bloke a beer.... thankyou

  • It worked. Awesome. Thank you :D

  • I am the third person to say that the command prompt code gives me an error when I try to run with /h, can you address this issue please?

  • Did great until the cmd part. Did not recognize gpresult /h c:\gpresults.html

  • Thanks SO much!

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