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How to Remove Windows 8.1 Store Apps with PowerShell (when they won’t go quietly).

How to Remove Windows 8.1 Store Apps with PowerShell (when they won’t go quietly).

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Here’s an issue that I’ve only experienced once myself, but that anecdotal evidence says may not be a completely uncommon occurrence for some users.

You install an app from the Windows Store that either doesn’t install correctly (most likely due to an issue from the developer) or you decide that isn’t really your cup of tea.

You open the Start menu and try to Uninstall the app normally, by right-clicking the app tile and then selecting Uninstall from the context menu below.

I’m using the really wonderful app Network Speed Test for this example ( I personally love this app, and have never had issue with uninstalling it, but again this is just for example).


Now in my experience the app that wouldn’t uninstall had no reaction to my clicking the Uninstall button. I didn’t get an error message, the app just didn’t uninstall.

The next step was to open up PowerShell and ‘get under the hood’ so to speak.  Open up Windows PowerShell as an Administrator.

PowerShell Command Prompt

At the PowerShell command prompt type ‘get-appxpackage’ and hit enter.


The list of installed applications will scroll past.  You’ll need to scroll back thru them to find the application you can’t remove.

Alternatively you can type ‘get-appxpackage –Name *some portion of the name*’ to find your app package.


In the above example I typed ‘get-appxpackage –Name *speed* to find the package for Microsoft.NetworkSpeedTest


From this same output we also get the PackageFullName which will use to remove the package.


Now type ‘remove-appxpackage’ with the full package name.  In my example I typed ‘remove-appxpackage Microsoft.NetworkSpeedTest_1.0.0.23_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe –confirm’

The –confirm switch gives you a nice prompt to let you verify what you are doing before you commit.  Hitting ‘Y’ the default proceeds with the Uninstall.

And now the pesky app is uninstalled (though in my test case I’ll be re-installing that app immediately).

  • Perfect! Thanks!

  • This is excellent.  Please post more powershell stuff like this.

  • it is my own pc and it shows me as a local administrator, it will not allow me to use the powershell as administrator

  • how do i remove "store" from windows 8.1

  • does not work with the Package Store: Remove-AppxPackage winstore_1.0.0.0_neutral_neutral_cw5n1h2txyewy .....C:\Windows\WinStore failed. This app is part of Windows and cannot be uninstalled on a per-user basis.....

  • I uninstalled a program and the program had created a place on the app list and the uninstall did not remove it. So, now I can't remove it. I tried this method and it does not show up. The only thing I can get it to do is come up in its folder. But the folder doesn't actually exist and the shortcut can't be deleted or interacted with. What do I do? Any help is greatly appreciated. email kintelary gmail thanks.

  • It doesn't remove the apps but is a good work around: Go to: c:\programdata\microsoft\windows\start menu\programs Delete the shortcuts to the Apps you don't want. Although this doesn't remove the apps it does remove them from the start menu for all users.

  • Perfect! Thanks! It did what i can't find in Win8 UI at all. :)

  • You saved my life!

  • In all my 40 yrs of computing I have never experianced such an un-user friendly excuse for software. I have 85 days to return it to the store and unless Microsoft comes up with something better then I'm staying with XP until the junk yard runs out of them.

  • Thank you!

  • GREAT! pesky fake free apps removed for good thanks you. please post more powershell demos!

  • I'm with augie. Windows 8 is crap. It's been done like this on purpose to stop users managing their software

  • I want to remove the mail app and reinstall it.I am unable to get it by searching [get-appxpackage –Name *calender*
    get-appxpackage –Name *people*
    get-appxpackage –Name *mail*]
    None of these is able to search please suggest the solution.....

  • Worked great.
    Thank you!

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