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Windows 8.1 upgrade reboots to black screen of 'nothingness'.

Windows 8.1 upgrade reboots to black screen of 'nothingness'.

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If you've just upgraded your Windows 8 (non RT) device to Windows 8.1 and suddenly upon reboot you're facing a quietly humming computer with a black screen of nothingness....don't panic.  You've probably just got Master Boot Record issues.  This can be a fairly easy fix, particularly if you've already created a Windows 8.1 Recovery disk.  If not, you'll need to use your bootable install media for Windows 8.1 or find a working Windows 8.1 device and create a recovery disk.

We'll assume that you don't have your bootable install media, and you've found a working Windows 8.1 device.  On the working device, open the Charms and select Search.

In the Search charm type 'Create a Recovery Drive'

You'll get a prompt to allow the Recovery Media Creator Wizard to run, make sure you allow it.  Insert a writeable USB Key (**warning** all content on this key will be deleted).


In the Recovery Media Wizard you'll specify this usb key as your Recovery drive.

The Recovery Drive Creator will wipe the usb key, and create a bootable partition with the Recovery tools installed.  Once the wizard is complete, remove the usb key, and boot your impaired Windows 8.1 via the new usb Recovery Drive.



You may need to hit ESC or F9 during the reboot to select your boot drive.  Here I hit ESC and selected the USB key I created during the Recovery Drive Creator.


From the Recovery Disk Menu - select Troubleshoot.


From the Troubleshoot menu - select Advanced options.


From the Advanced options menu select - Command Prompt.


In the command prompt - type 'bootrec /fixmbr'


Hit enter.  Quickly you should see a confirmation like above.  Type exit and hit enter.


You have two options back at this screen...you can continue to Windows 8.1 or (I recommend) Turn off your PC and restart it. 

  If you haven't already, remove the usb key, and start your device.

  You should be back up and booting into Windows 8.1.




  • Thank you, you saved me from wiping my computer :)

  • Another easier and instant solution is to hold down Shift-F8 key when you power on to boot into your hidden recovery partition on your hard drive and you should get that "Choose your option" screen as displayed in this article.

  • I upgraded another machine so I could get a boot disc.  bootrec /mbrfix didn't fix my original, now I'm just left wondering about the stability of the machine I updated.  This is so aggravating.

  • How about the worst case scenario; don't have a recovery boot disc, don't have access to another computer running 8.1... Is there anywhere I can down load this?

  • I'm with Lauri... I have a laptop with Win 8 pre-installed so can't create a Win 8.1 boot USB as my Win 8.1 would be a download upgrade.

    I had to roll back to Win 8 due to this issue and won't touch Win 8.1 again until Microsoft fix.

    If there is anyway to create a 8.1 boot USB without access to a Win 8.1 machine please let us know.

  • I have also no system running 8.1pro neither 8.1pro bootable media

    plz help me

  • My Windows 8 issue was with dispaly adapters driver


  • None of the above options work.

    Booting from my 8.1DVD or just created USB Recovery Drive and just choosing "Continue" does boot my laptop...

    I just have to remember to kick-start it 10 minutes earlyer...I'm not ready (yet) for a clean install.

    /fixmbr does boot my laptop, but after a shutdown I'm booting black again.

    I'm wondering how Tim did a role back to Win 8 (which worked perfectly)

  • I am stuck I try to boot up it boots and as soon as I click on my account type my pass to login it's stuck on black screen with a. Cursor my computer is acer aspire s3 it doesn't work I tried what you told me but nothing

    Any other tips and I don't have another device please help

  • Nothing is working for me. How do I roll back? Shift-F8 or even just F8 isn't doing anything on boot-up, just a black screen! Arghhhh!

  • Safe mode shows as black screen then I cant go through step by step procedure


  • I had this problem, and spent a few hours finding how to fix it. For me the problem was graphics, but not the drivers...

    If you're using the Lucid Virtu MVP software, which comes with a large number of motherboads to enable sharing between the integrated graphics and a separate card, then THIS IS THE PROBLEM. It does NOT work with Windows 8.1.

    Boot into Safe mode, uninstall Virtu MVP, and problem fixed.

    They have released a beta for 8.1 but they want you to pay for it...

  • I cant get into recovery mode i still have a black screen with the cursor.

  • Thank very much dr you saved my Dell

  • I still have the black screen with a mouse pointer appeared when I moved the mouse otherwise disappeared. Funny thing was if I left the black screen for over 20 minutes or more the black screen went to log on screen and it works as normal. If I shut down the computer and start again it went to black screen and just wait again. Very frustrating. I tried many suggestions from tech-geek but failed. Can anyone out there help?

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