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  • Blog Post: Cool Tool: New Command Line Utility to Start a Runbook

    I was talking with one of the other Program Managers on the team the other day about how he wanted to be able to launch a runbook as part of a remediation task in Operations Manager, and how it would be great if he has some command-line utility that would enable him to do that quickly via a simple command...
  • Blog Post: Cool Tool: Visualizing the Orchestrator Web Service

    One of our friends over on the Office365 team who does a lot of stuff with Orchestrator and PowerShell (and I mean deep stuff), Tim Bertalot, pointed out a cool Visual Studio add-on that lets you visualize the schema of a web service. The tool is called the Open Data Protocol Visualizer and is available...
  • Blog Post: Fun with the Orchestrator 2012 Beta,the Web Service and PowerShell

    The Orchestrator 2012 Beta is barely “out of the oven” and I have some fun PowerShell stuff for you to play with more
  • Blog Post: Using Windows Task Scheduler to Invoke Scheduled Runbooks

    This article is a follow-on to my previous post, Cool Tool: New Command Line Utility to Start a Runbook , where I talked about using the web service to quickly start a runbook with named parameters. Now it’s time to put that into action! Orchestrator administrators know that Orchestrator is not built...