image The first thing you’ll probably want to do in preparation for your callback is gather up any relevant information and log files so that you’ll have them handy when you speak with a Support Engineer. The exact data we’ll want to review can vary significantly depending on the issue so for the sake of this document we’ll err on the side of gathering too much data rather than too little.

Gathering Data

If you wish to send any of this data to the support engineer handling your case, please address any email to The files must be in .ZIP format, and the Subject line must include your case number. An example of proper case number formatting is: REG: 133322255555599. The REG: must be included.  

Collect an MPS Report

To do this, visit this page and download MPSRPT_SETUPPerf.EXE, then simply run it on all affected systems. It can take a little while to run but once it’s completed it will open a folder and display a CAB file that has the system name and the date in the title. This is what you can send to the Support Engineer so that he or she has complete details on how that system is configured as well as all the event logs, etc.

2. Zip up your relevant log files. What log files you collect will depend on your issue but here’s a general overview of the ones we’ll be most interested in:

  • For Reporting issues, get the OpsMgr event log from the RMS.
  • For Performance issues, get the OpsMgr, System and Application event logs from the RMS.
  • For Audit Collection issues, get the OpsMgr event log from the collector, the ACS database server and one or more affected clients. Also get the security event log from one or more affected clients.
  • For Agentless Exception Monitoring (AEM) issues, get the OpsMgr and Application event logs from one or more affected clients and the OpsMgr event log from the Management Server that the events are forwarded to.
  • For Connector related issues, get the OpsMgr event log from the RMS.
  • For Administration related issues, get the OpsMgr event log from the RMS.
  • For Management Server installation and upgrade issues, get the %TEMP%\MomX.log (where is x is a number).
  • For Reporting Server installation and upgrade issues, get the %Temp%\MomReportingX.log (where is x is a number).
  • For issues related to Rules and Monitors, make a note of the exact version of the Management Pack (MP) you’re using. If you’re using a custom MP, please provide us with a copy of the XML if possible.
  • For Gateway related issues, get the OpsMgr event log on the Gateway Server, the Management Server plus any affected machines.

Checking for Known Issues

When you’re troubleshooting a problem with Microsoft Operations Manager 2005 or System Center Operations Manager 2007, chances are you’re not the first person to encounter your particular issue. With that in mind, the next thing you’ll want to do is a quick search of our Knowledge Base, our blog sites and our forums to see if anyone has already posted the resolution:

If you’re getting an error message, include parts of the exact error text in your search. The exact error message is incredibly important so don’t summarize it when searching or asking for help. Including the exact error message can mean the difference between quickly finding your answer and searching in vain.

Prerequisites and Troubleshooting

Still can’t find anything on your issue? If that’s the case then the next step is to check the requirements and troubleshooting information for the particular area of the product you’re working with.  To quickly jump to your section click one of the links below:



Setup and Upgrade
Performance and Scalability
Management Packs
Monitoring Distributed Apps
Monitoring using Synthetic Transactions
Maintenance Mode
Maintenance and Best Practices for Operations Manager
Additional How-Tos

Additional Resources

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