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Is your Operations Manager console slow when editing groups? If so here's a tip to get you back in the fast lane

Is your Operations Manager console slow when editing groups? If so here's a tip to get you back in the fast lane

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Is your System Center Operations Manager 2007 admin console slow when editing groups?  If so, you ought to take a close look at the membership rules, especially if you are using complex regular expression substring searches like below…



Searches like this will result in a very heavy SQL load that can effectively hang the console until the calculation is complete.  It is far better to rewrite the membership rule to combine the search into a single regular expression such as this one below (?i: at the beginning of the expression is a directive to do a case-insensitive search):



To give you some idea of the performance improvement, this very change allowed a query that took approximately 10 minutes to complete to finish in approximately 1 second.

It is worth noting that OpsMgr regularly performs group membership calculation and any improvement in this area is going to result in general performance improvements within OpsMgr.

Hope this helps,

Brian McDermott | System Center Escalation Engineer

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  • I would say I definitely have issues in this area.  is there a way to show the calculation queries of each group as a list or report?  Or perhaps a way to show what queries are taking the most time?


  • @Jonathan - Interesting point about the speed of regexp vs. a bunch of WHERE and OR clauses... you did well pointing it out as it might not be obvious to most. I do find that GroupCalc makes systems very busy, also in terms of Config Churn as those Groups keep changing... something to be aware about.

    @cornasdf - this should be visible on the SQL side, not on the OpsMgr side... likely SQL profiler, or even SQL2005/2008 might have some canned reports in that area....

  • @cornasdf & @all

    To find the groups that possible have a performance impact,  I created a script to retrieve the Discovery Configuration to see if a lot of membership rules and expressions are defined:

    Best regards, Michiel Wouters

  • Hi ;) I made a video about this some time ago

    What i did not know was the case sensitive character....

    I found this solution because every month the list of the servers was change.

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