image We recently did an analysis of the issues we’ve been seeing on the Operations Manager product support team and I thought I’d share a couple here just in case you run into any of them.  Below are some of the common problems that customers have been calling in on or have been hitting on the Internet over the last 6 months:

System Center Operations Manager 2007:
Performance Issues where CPU spikes to 100%

This issue can have a few different causes but some things to check for are:

1. KB974051 – which points to a Windows hotfix located in KB968967

2. On a Windows 2008 clustered system KB968936 may be needed which is a hotfix rollup package for the Windows 2008 Clustering WMI provider and replaces the KB958807 hotfix.

3. Windows Scripting Host Update 5.7 – If the agent is using 5.6 then high CPU utilization may occur.  You will need the appropriate OS hotfix from KB940284 or the package at

Console Performance Issues

The authoritative guide for troubleshooting these issues in large environments can be found here:

Questions surrounding report authoring

We now have a new reporting guide that contains information on how to author reports:


System Center Essentials

Computers and agents showing as Not Yet Contacted

KB970606 will walk you through the common steps to resolve this issue.


Some other useful documentation for OpsMgr that has been released

Agent deployment using MOMAgent.msi – there are examples available at

The procedure to move the Datawarehouse database can be found at

Troubleshooting documentation for Reporting Deployment and Cross Platform issues can be found at

Adrian Doyle | Program Manager