image Our very own Steve Rachui recently started a new series of posts based on his highly touted MMS 2009 presentation so if you were unlucky enough to have missed it the first time around here’s your chance to get caught up.  Last week I posted a link to Part I – Unit Monitors, and this week he’s followed up with Part II – Aggregate Monitors:

As mentioned in the first post, unit monitors can be thought of as the workhorse of monitoring.  Unit monitors are just that – a unit of monitoring.  A self contained engine to monitor a specific item and reflect the result in terms of health state, alerting and diagnostic/recovery.  Aggregates act as a collector and consolidator of information and ultimately reflect the collective result of unit monitors.  For any defined class in OpsMgr there are 5 defined aggregate monitors – Entity Health, Availability, Configuration, Performance and Security... 

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