Here’s a quick heads up on an issue we ran into the other day.  If you’ve noticed that the diagram view for a custom distributed application doesn’t display all of the objects then this may be your issue:


Issue: The diagram view for a custom distributed application may not display all objects after the management pack it’s contained in is sealed.  In addition the distributed application may no longer work as expected.

Cause: When the management pack is sealed, the group instance GUID is changed and the distributed application designer service component including that instance is using the old GUID.

Workaround: Create one management pack that includes all the custom classes, object or groups and then seal it. Then create a second management pack that contains the distributed applications referencing the objects of the first management pack and seal it.

Status: This issue is currently under consideration for resolution in the next version of Operations Manager.

Hope this helps,

J.C. Hornbeck | Manageability Knowledge Engineer