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  • Updates to Office for iPad

    Posted by Openness Team Four months ago Microsoft released Office for iPad — the world’s best productivity experience reimagined for a mobile-first, cloud-first world. Since then millions of users have had the chance to use Office for iPad...
  • Skype 5.0 for Android Makes Connecting with Friends Easier

    Posted by Openness Team Helping users keep in touch with the people who matter most in their lives has always been a key goal for the Skype team. Recently, Skype announced a brand new feature for Android users that makes it easier than ever to find...
  • Openness Customer Spotlight: British & Irish Lions Give 100 Million Fans a Front Row Seat

    Posted by Openness Team

    The world-renowned touring rugby team, the British & Irish Lions, wanted to do something it had never done in 125 years of international competition: find a way to take along 100 million fans when the team toured to play the best teams in the Southern Hemisphere.

    The Lions, named Team of the Year at the 2013 BBC Sports Personality Awards, are a unique occurrence in modern sport. The best of the best coming together only once every four years and the stakes for this particular tournament were high. The Lions had not won a Tour in 16 years.

    Fan engagement with the event would no doubt be a huge morale-booster for the team, helping to spur them to victory. But most fans, of course, could not be in Hong Kong and Australia to cheer on their favorite team.

    The degree of fan participation suggested an app, but not just any app. It would have to be an app that could deliver a compelling user experience on whatever device a fan might have, with easy navigation through a variety of data sources, including video, player statistics, social media, and more.

    To learn more about what Microsoft and the Lions delivered for the team and fans, check out The Fire Hose blog.

  • Openness Partner Spotlight: COPA-DATA Helping Governments Manage Big Data from the ‘Internet of Things’

    Posted by Openness Team

    As thousands of our partners gather in Washington D.C. for Worldwide Partner Conference 2014 this week, many will be focused on the Internet of Things (IoT) and how these new data sources can be translated into insights.

     We’re fortunate to be working with COPA-DATA, a Microsoft Partner Network member since 2005 and a technological leader for industrial automation software. They are on the front lines of the IoT mega-trend, applying their expertise to help governments draw insights from complex and large sets of data to create more sustainable and economically competitive cities.

    Since being named a CityNext Partner earlier this year, COPA-DATA has expanded their Smart City solutions for the public sector. Especially in countries and regions where resources such as water and electricity are limited, the solutions based on the zenon Product Family help local governments to provide services as reliably and efficiently as possible to citizens, to reduce costs and to be sustainable.

    “As of 2050, 70% of the world’s population will live in cities,” said Johannes Petrowisch, Partner Account Manager at COPA-DATA. “It will be very important for the local government to collect data from numerous data sources and create insights to save energy, make processes more efficient, and address the challenges of tomorrow. Only through an impactful IT infrastructure will it be possible to be cost efficient, sustainable and to make cities a great place to live.”

  • Openness Partner Spotlight: Codetoki Partners with BizSpark to Empower Youth with Coding Skills

    Posted by Openness Team

    The Philippine Government wants to empower today’s youth by increasing employability, and sees better IT skills as a major enabler. In 2013, local software company, Codetoki, decided to help by devising an online game that tests and scores coding skills.

     “My vision was to create a skills-development game where students could learn technical skills that are commercially in demand, but which are not taught in schools,” said Ademar Tutor, Codetoki’s Chief Technology Officer.

    Ademar and his colleague built their Codetoki app using Ruby on Rails and MongoDB, and deployed it on Ubuntu Linux servers. To bring their app to students, however, Ademar needed to find a low-cost, cloud-infrastructure partner to host their web servers and databases.

    Codetoki partnered with Microsoft through the BizSpark program, which includes Microsoft Azure cloud hosting services, as well as local technical support.