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  • Open Source World Summit in Beijing: Developing a Thriving OSS Ecosystem in China

    Posted by Cindy Dong Microsoft China The 9th annual Open Source China Open Source World Summit concluded in Beijing on Saturday. The two-day event kicked off on Friday and brought together major open source software (OSS) organizations, including the...
  • Open XML SDK: Released Today as an Open Source Project

    Posted by Jose Miguel Parrella
    Microsoft Interoperability Strategy

    Today Doug Mahugh, Senior Technical Evangelist for Microsoft Open Technologies Inc., announced the release of an Open XML SDK as an open source project through the MS Open Tech hub. Although the SDK has been available since 2007, this release includes full source code available under the Apache 2.0 license on GitHub, as well as the project will continue to grow under the stewardship of the .NET Foundation.

    This is a significant Open XML release that enables more developers to build applications that use the Open XML standard and also a milestone for a growing and developing Open XML ecosystem.

    In addition to today’s announcement, the Open XML conceptual content for developers is available on GitHub, as well as an Open XML Package Editor for Visual Studio was open sourced recently.

  • Openness Customer Spotlight: blinkbox Saving Millions with Microsoft Cloud

    Posted by Openness Team

    One of the most popular movie and TV streaming services in the United Kingdom, blinkbox delivers dynamic content to more than a million monthly users, across their favorite devices. The company needed a way to meet enormous demands for compute power and storage, to transcode video files for an ever-increasing number of formats and resolutions.

    blinkbox decided to begin migrating its entire video encoding and streaming workflow from their datacenter to Microsoft Azure to take advantage of huge costs savings and quickly scale IT infrastructure on demand. They’ve also been impressed with support for a broad set of platforms and tools, which run various operating systems and in different environments.

    “A fantastic part of Microsoft Azure is that is broadly platform agnostic, there’s loads of Linux support, and it doesn’t treat Linux like a second-class citizen,” said Jon Robinson, Group IT Manager at blinkbox. “This allows us to run our breadth of tools across the platform without any concerns about reliability or downtime.”

    Head over to the Windows Azure blog for the complete Q&A with Jon or learn more by checking out the below video.

  • Ready to Download: Skype 5.0 for iPhone

    Posted by Openness Team

     Last week Microsoft released Skype 5.0 for iPhone, redesigned to provide a smoother and more integrated experience.

    Just like the redesigned Skype for Android app, the Skype team took the opportunity to rewrite this new version from the ground up and customize it to fit iOS best. This release puts conversations at the center of a faster and more reliable experience. You can give it a try by downloading from the iTunes store

    The Skype team is also hard at work on a new version for iPad users. Keep updated by following them on Twitter and Facebook, or join the Skype Community to let them know what you think of the app!

  • Does it Work? Try Plugging It In

    Posted by Openness Team

    Next week representatives from about 30 companies, including Apple, Oracle, and Google, will gather on Microsoft’s Redmond Campus for a five-day Interoperability Plugfest. Hosted by Microsoft Interoperability teams, this event provides free, hands-on help to developers and quality assurance engineers who want to test Windows and Office products and make them work with the systems at their companies.

    A critical aspect of Microsoft product development is an ecosystem dedicated to shipping interoperable systems and these plugfest-type events are great opportunities to work closely with other vendors and open source communities, providing extensive documentation and sessions dedicated to testing and feedback.