Posted by Openness Team

MS-DOSYesterday, with the help of the Computer History Museum, Microsoft made the source code for early versions of MS-DOS and Word for Windows available to the public for the first time, helping future generations of technologists better understand the roots of personal computing.

For the tech savvy of the eighties, the images of floppy disks, MS-DOS command lines, and boxy PCs sparked nostalgia. “I remember you, MS-DOS. I remember your bleeps and bloops, the non-curves of your blocky typeface, your very smell,” said Venture Beat’s Jolie O’Dell. “And now, I can have you for my own.”

Even the Computer History Museum servers were feeling the love. 

For more on this news, see the Official Microsoft Blog or head to the Computer History Museum site to download the source code. Let us know in the comments if this release brings back any memories for you.