Posted by Openness Team

There is a vast amount of data available today that is being collected and stored at an unprecedented rate. Market demand is growing for easy use of this data across multiple platforms and devices, increasing the pressure to create a more open and transparent Web through standardized approaches to accessing and consuming data.

 At the heart of the matter is OASIS and the work of the Open Data Protocol (OData) Technical Committee, which announced a significant milestone today: OData version 4.0.

OData provides a way to break down data silos and increase the shared value of data by creating an ecosystem in which data consumers can interoperate with data producers in powerful ways, enabling more applications to make sense of a broader set of data.

“This is the result of the collective handiwork of many talented people across many organizations – Axway Software, Blackberry, CA Technologies, Citrix Systems, IBM, Microsoft, Progress Software, Red Hat, SAP AG, SDL, and many others – who cooperated in a truly remarkable fashion to accomplish the common goal of creating a standard open data protocol to create and consume data services on the Web,” said Ram Jeyaraman, Co-chair of the OASIS OData Technical Committee, and Senior Standards Professional, Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc. 

Congrats to OASIS on this milestone! For more on OData v4.0 and how to get involved in the community, please see the MS Open Tech blog.