Posted by Amy Green
Director, Worldwide Marketing and Operations

Earlier this month, the Internet Explorer team introduced the concept of Companion Web – a world where web experiences move seamlessly across the multiple screens around us, including our tablets, phones, computers, and televisions.

Fueled by the staggering growth – 3.6 million mobile devices and tablets are activated daily worldwide – demand is accelerating for integrated web experiences across devices, regardless of what device you use or even who makes it.

This video illuminates the concept:

The Companion Web is fundamentally open. Developers can reuse code that works across multiple scenarios, enabling greater reach and ways to engage an audience. Consumers can seamlessly move from one device to the next, interacting with photos, videos, music, files, and more. Regardless of who makes a device or the software that powers a device, the Companion Web enables the internet to bridge the gap between these devices.

To learn more about the Companion Web, including how we’ve worked with partners Polar, DailyBurn, and Mix Party to bring the concept to life, check out the Exploring IE blog.