Posted by Kerry Godes
Senior Manager, Worldwide Marketing and Operations

Today Microsoft released the latest version of Office, Office 365 Home Premium, a cloud service designed for busy households and people juggling ever-increasing work and family responsibilities.

This release is a reinvention of our flagship Office product line as a consumer cloud service, marking the next big step in Microsoft’s transformation to a devices and services business. The new offering includes the latest and most complete set of Office applications and works across up to five devices, including Windows tablets, PCs and Macs. 60 Skype world calling minutes, extra SkyDrive cloud storage, and the ability to access your full Office applications on demand thru are perks included in the $99.99 annual subscription.

In the future, many new features and services will be delivered to the cloud first, evolving our traditional three-year Office release cycle. That means new features and services stream to subscribers as soon as they are ready, keeping subscribers always up-to-date, while eliminating potential hassles of upgrading.

We’re also looking forward to next month’s release of the new Office 365 services for businesses. “Since we launched Office 365 for businesses only 18 months ago, 1 in 5 of our enterprise customers now has the service, up from 1 in 7 a year ago,” said Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. “Smaller businesses are also choosing Office 365 at a rapid pace, with a 150 percent increase in the number of small and medium-sized businesses using the service over the past 12 months.” Look for Office 365 for businesses on February 27th.

For today’s complete announcement, please see the Microsoft News Center.