Open dialogue about standards, open source, and interoperability at Microsoft

December, 2012

  • Samba 4.0 Interoperability with Microsoft’s Active Directory

    Posted by Darryl Welch
    Principal Program Manager, Windows Server Interoperability Engineering Team

    Yesterday the Samba Team released Samba 4.0 Active Directory Compatible Server, the first compatible Free Software implementation of Microsoft’s Active Directory protocols. Familiar to all network administrators, the Active Directory protocols are the heart of modern directory service implementations and Windows Server interoperability.


    A critical aspect of Windows development is the ecosystem dedicated to shipping interoperable systems. We have worked closely with members of the Samba team and other open source communities by proactively providing extensive protocol documentation and participating in plugfest-type events and conferences to provide opportunities for testing and feedback. We’re very fortunate to have this ecosystem of collaborators actively engaged in ongoing efforts to enhance file server protocol interoperability with Windows and other implementations.

  • Open in the Cloud - Microsoft at OW2Con 2012

    Posted by Frédéric Aatz
    Director of Interoperability, Microsoft France

    This was our second year at OW2Con in Paris, which is hosted by OW2, the open source community for infrastructure software. This was a great opportunity for us to get feedback from open source communities on the openness of our technologies and continue moving forward on interoperability efforts, especially those supporting customers transitioning to the cloud.
    “OW2 fosters the development of open source high-level components for open cloud architectures independent of underlying IaaS infrastructures,” said Cédric Thomas, CEO of OW2 Consortium. “The Windows Azure platform is part of all our interoperability scenarios and we are pleased with our cooperation with Microsoft in this endeavor.”

    We’re proud to be working with OW2 and ActiveEon, the company behind the open source middleware ProActive Parallel Suite® , through the Microsoft BizSpark program. "Cloud evolution is all about heterogeneity and flexibility,” said Denis Caromel, Founder and CEO of ActiveEon. “Alongside GDF-SUEZ, we are deploying a test version of a hybrid cloud infrastructure, achieving strong interoperability with the OW2 ProActive Parallel Suite®. Our collaboration with Microsoft will help us build a more open cloud with Windows Azure.”

  • Microsoft and Windows Azure Head to….the Home of “Middle Earth!”

    Posted by Thiago Almeida
    Technical Evangelist, Microsoft New Zealand

    Spreading the good word about Openness at Microsoft (check out our updated website!) and Windows Azure can take us far and wide, but we didn’t expect to find ourselves in the middle of Middle Earth. Let me explain…

    Earlier this month, a few of us at Microsoft embarked on a road trip to talk with developers across New Zealand about Windows Azure and its support for a myriad of OSS technologies. Little did we know that New Zealand was also in the midst of celebrating the worldwide premiere of The Hobbit movie, with Wellington temporarily renamed the “Middle of Middle Earth.”

  • Spotlight on Microsoft Research: Elevating Scientific Data into the Cloud with Windows Azure & OSS

    Posted by Kerry Godes
    Senior Manager, Worldwide Marketing and Operations

    The key to unlocking future predictions has generally always been some type of data. Today, with the ever-increasing storage and computational capabilities of the cloud, combined with the sheer number of devices available to help people harness information, scientists around the world are learning how to interpret Mother Nature like never before. The depth of analysis and the types of prediction models that researchers are now able to create simply would not have been possible a mere few years ago, and Microsoft is honored to help play a role in some of these scenarios.

    One special initiative has been the VENUS-C  (Virtual multidisciplinary EnviroNments USing Cloud infrastructures) series of projects, which has brought together the European Commission and a range of universities, research organizations, and companies, including Microsoft, to better understand and leverage the capabilities of the cloud. One of the projects includes the VENUS-C Fire application, which, when paired with Windows Azure and open source software, has helped firefighters on the Greek island of Lesvos to be more aware of fire risks and to provide faster, more effective responses.

    We recently caught up with Dennis Gannon, Director of Cloud Research Strategy for Microsoft Research, to learn more about VENUS-C and how the projects are embracing both commercial and open source software:

  • Openness Partner Spotlight: Opscode Chef Cooks Up a Solution to Cloud Complexity

    Posted by Kerry Godes
    Senior Manager, Worldwide Marketing and Operations

    As enterprises have adopted virtualization and cloud computing over the past several years, we’ve seen rapid growth in the complexity of IT management. Opscode Chef addresses this dilemma through cloud infrastructure automation, an innovative way to easily deploy servers and scale applications throughout an entire infrastructure.


    "With Windows Azure and Opscode Chef, organizations can easily spin up and manage Windows Azure instances directly from the command line, delivering flexibility and efficiency in bringing ideas to market and adapting to business change, for Microsoft- and Linux-based environments alike" said Christopher Brown, CTO, Opscode.

    Rooted in DevOps best practices, Chef is an open source systems integration framework built specifically for automating tasks in the cloud. Chef's flexible and re-usable templates (called "cookbooks") enable you to easily provision, manage, and scale your servers. The Chef community has published more than 700 cookbooks, supporting technologies ranging from broadly adopted IIS and SQL Server to popular new technologies like MongoDB. You choose the "recipes" that describe how you want servers to be configured and voila! – Chef gives you a flexible, easily repeatable mechanism for making sure your servers are always running exactly the way you want them to.