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October, 2012

  • Taking Contre Jour to the Web with HTML5, Clarity Consulting and Internet Explorer

    Posted by Kerry Godes
    Senior Manager, Worldwide Marketing and Operations

    Since 2011, the puzzle-focused game, Contre Jour, has captured the hearts and minds of mobile gamers worldwide with its ability to blend impressive, leading-edge 2D graphics with physics-based, multipoint controls. Created by developer Maksym “Max” Hryniv, the game is a perfect match for the touch capabilities of today’s latest smartphones and tablets. Earlier this month, Hryniv, along with Microsoft and Clarity Consulting, announced a version of Contre Jour that’s ready for the modern, touch-ready Web.

    Making the dynamic elements of the game come alive with HTML5 and JavaScript, the team opened up dozens of game levels to be played on most any device with a modern HTML5-capable browser. For players without a touchscreen, the first 20 levels can be played using a traditional mouse or track-pad setup, while the remaining ten levels can be unlocked by players who have devices and browsers that support multi-touch.

  • SmartGlass Extends Xbox Entertainment to Your Favorite Devices

    Posted by Kerry Godes
    Senior Manager, Worldwide Marketing and Operations

    How often do you use one device while in arm’s reach of another? All the time, right? You’re in the middle of a web search on your tablet when you need to check a new email on your iPhone, or you’re texting on your Windows Phone while also working away on your PC.

    Here’s a concept: what if your favorite device in the office doubled as a next-generation remote control in your living room? Wouldn’t that be cool? If you said yes, check out Xbox SmartGlass, a free app that connects your Xbox 360 to the devices you already own to enhance your gaming and entertainment experiences across screens.


  • Openness Partner Spotlight: Canonical Brings Ubuntu to Windows Azure

    Posted by Kerry Godes
    Senior Manager, Worldwide Marketing and Operations

    Cloud computing plays a significant role in helping our customers achieve better business agility, economics, and user experiences. We also know that for today’s CIOs and technology leaders, the cloud presents an opportunity to rethink the role IT plays in defining an organization’s strategy.

    In order for customers to take advantage of the transformative benefits of the cloud, openness is paramount. Businesses and organizations need a comprehensive and open set of cloud solutions that span the platform, application, and infrastructure layers, giving customers the ability to transition to the cloud on their terms.

    We’re fortunate to be working with Canonical to make this promise of choice and flexibility a reality for our mutual customers.

    Canonical is the company behind the Ubuntu project – a Linux distribution with more than 20 million users and rapidly growing popularity in the cloud. We’re working together so our customers can have a first-class experience running official Ubuntu images from Canonical using Windows Azure Virtual Machines.

  • Opening Doors To Real Big Data Value: Hadoop On Windows Azure And Windows Server

    Posted by Kerry Godes
    Senior Manager, Worldwide Marketing and Operations

    Organizations are constantly in search of solutions that can help them manage, analyze and understand the vast amounts of data generated through today’s technology. Traditionally this required hiring business intelligence vendors and experts to extract Big Data insights, but no longer. Today at the O’Reilly Strata Conference + Hadoop World in New York, Microsoft and our partner Hortonworks announced new previews of our Apache Hadoop-based solutions for Windows Server and Windows Azure.

    Called Windows Azure HDInsight and Microsoft HDInsight for Windows Server, both solutions embrace enterprise-ready Apache Hadoop to enable most any user to begin viewing and truly analyzing Big Data, using such tools as Microsoft Excel, PowerPivot, and SQL Server Analysis Services. Regardless of the size or type of data, or where it’s stored, both HDInsight versions offer simple management via Microsoft System Center 2012, a shared codebase for platform consistency whether on Windows Server or Azure, and 100% compatibility with Hadoop.

  • Microsoft at Open World Forum 2012

    Posted by Frédéric Aatz
    Director of Interoperability, Microsoft France

    Alfonso Castro
    Director of Strategic Partnerships, Microsoft Open Solutions Group

    Last week we were fortunate to participate in Open World Forum, a leading global summit focused on how we’re collectively building our digital future in an open and transparent manner. We’ve gathered together our recap of the Forum’s three days of sharing, thinking and coding with some of the top contributors to open technology initiatives from around the world.