Open dialogue about standards, open source, and interoperability at Microsoft

May, 2012

  • FreeBSD Support on Windows Server Hyper-V

    Posted by Anandeep Pannu
    Senior Program Manager – Open Source Technical Center

    Virtualization technology plays an increasingly critical role at all levels of IT, from the desktop to the datacenter. As more organizations use virtualization to manage mission-critical workloads, they are taking advantage of the cost-saving benefits of server consolidation and building foundations for private, public and hybrid cloud computing.  To help customers adopt virtualization and progress toward cloud computing, Microsoft is committed to supporting multiple platforms with its server virtualization solution.  Tomorrow at BSDCan 2012, Microsoft and its partners NetApp and Citrix will extend this cross-platform commitment, presenting FreeBSD support on Windows Server Hyper-V.

    The FreeBSD drivers will allow FreeBSD to run as a first-class guest on the Windows Server Hyper-V hypervisor. The drivers will be fully released early this summer, including the source code for the drivers under the BSD license, and will initially work with FreeBSD 8.2 and 8.3 on Windows Server 2008 R2.

    For Microsoft the project breaks new ground – it’s the first project supporting open source development alongside commercial partners like NetApp and Citrix.

  • NetApp helps bring FreeBSD to Hyper-V

    Posted by Anandeep Pannu
    Senior Program Manager – Open Source Technical Center

    NetAppToday at BSDCan, NetApp and Microsoft presented their collaboration with Citrix to bring native support for FreeBSD on the Windows Server Hyper-V hypervisor.  This continues a commitment to extend support across platforms to the Windows Server Hyper-V solution, making it easier for more customers to realize the benefits of server virtualization and progress toward cloud computing.  We caught up with Joe CaraDonna, NetApp Technical Director of Core Operating Systems, for more on how this collaboration will support FreeBSD and Microsoft customers and partners, as well as his insights into what’s next. 

  • Advancing Interoperability in the Cloud

    Posted by Sandy Gupta
    General Manager, Open Solutions Group

    I’m excited to be at the Open Source Business Conference today and to announce that in collaboration with SUSE, and based on our longstanding alliance, we are releasing a beta version of the SUSE Manager Management Pack for System Center. This management pack connects the Linux server management capabilities provided by SUSE Manager to System Center, Microsoft’s management platform. As a result, customers will be able to administer both Windows and Linux environments from a single management console. If you’d like to test out the Linux management capabilities this management pack provides for System Center, you can access it here.

  • Customers Say Microsoft is “Open” for Business

    Posted by James Utzschneider
    General Manager, Worldwide Marketing and Operations

    Microsoft has changed as a company and become more open. This includes building interoperability into our core products that span office productivity and collaboration, cross-platform systems management, and security and identity management.  We’ve made these investments as a result of listening to customers and focusing on helping them meet new and evolving challenges while making it easier and less costly for them to manage their IT environments.  Below is a list of some of these global customers. 

  • SkyDrive Anywhere

    Posted by Kerry Godes
    Senior Manager, Worldwide Marketing and Operations

    With consumers and businesses seeking ways to ensure greater and more streamlined productivity across a rapidly expanding sea of devices and platforms, many have turned to the cloud for answers.  Since launching, Microsoft’s SkyDrive has delivered personal cloud storage for Windows that’s available anywhere – via any HTML5 web browser, across operating systems, and across many mobile devices.  To expand on this commitment to anywhere access, Microsoft has released SkyDrive apps for your PC, Mac, along with key updates to Windows Phone and iOS apps, that improve file management and sharing across devices. SkyDrive also makes it easy for developers to bring cloud storage to any app on any platform, with tools like the Live SDK for Android.

    This builds upon last week’s announcement that SkyDrive and Office Web Apps now support the Open Document Format, which is used by open source office suites like OpenOffice.  All this means even greater access for consumers, no matter the platform nor the device. 

    For more on the new SkyDrive, including how SkyDrive stacks up to other services, see a recent post on the SkyDrive blog.  You can download the new SkyDrive here and share feedback on Twitter or the blog.