Open dialogue about standards, open source, and interoperability at Microsoft

May, 2011

  • Expanding Interoperability to Community Linux

    Posted by Sandy Gupta
    General Manager of Marketing, Open Solutions Group

    As I mentioned in my blog last month, I’ve been on the road quite a bit this year to meet Hosters and Service Providers around the World.

    Much of my time has been spent understanding their needs, and discussing how we can work together on mixed source Cloud solutions to help them differentiate from their competition.

    We’ve already made some appreciable gains, and during my keynote at OSBC tomorrow morning I will share the expansion of our interoperability plans to community Linux. Specifically, effective immediately, Microsoft will support Windows Server2008 R2 Hyper-V to run CentOS.  CentOS is a popular Linux distribution for Hosters, and this was the number one requirement for interoperability that we heard from that community.

    This development enables our Hosting partners to consolidate their mixed Windows + Linux infrastructure on Windows Server Hyper-V; reducing cost and complexity, while betting on an enterprise class virtualization platform. I want to thank the Microsoft Open Source Technology Center for the work they have done with the community to make this possible.