Open dialogue about standards, open source, and interoperability at Microsoft

March, 2011

  • Open Solutions

    Posted by Ted MacLean
    General Manager, Open Solutions Group

    Companies around the world are starting to think about developing and launching cloud strategies,

    and one of the critical elements for success that they’re identifying is interoperability between technologies and products from multiple vendors.

    As General Manager of the Microsoft Open Solutions Group, I take part in conversations with many companies about this critical element, and how we can help them by identifying solutions that address the challenges of managing a mixed technology environment. One company we worked with recently is a leading Austrian music and entertainment retailer called LIBRO.

    Like many retailers, LIBRO’s data centers contain a broad mix of technology platforms that were developed by different vendors.  The company was serving the Austrian market through over 200 locations, while rapidly expanding into surrounding European markets.  This growth was taking its toll on LIBRO’s IT infrastructure.