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  • Blog Post: Opalis 6.3: Automating Hyper-V Cluster Patching using the Configuration Manager IP (Part 2)

    In Part 1 of this article, I began to talk about the process of maintaining Hyper-V Clusters. The process of "draining" a host (moving guest VM's off to another cluster node) was accomplished using a PowerShell script. The next steps include assigning updates and then monitoring the updates...
  • Blog Post: Using the Query Database object on 64-bit Windows Server

    I was trying out the Query Database object to see how I could get some information from Configuration Manager's database, and I decided to use the ODBC connection type, since it seemed like something that would be more usable from an enterprise perspective than putting credentials in the object itself...
  • Blog Post: Opalis 8 Minute Video Demo : The Query Database Object

    In this installment of the "8-Minute-Demo Video Series" by Charles Joy we'll learn all the cool things the Query Database Object has to offer. With a name like "Query Database", one might  think all it does is query, but really it is a SQL Statement Executing machine! Dynamically...