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  • Blog Post: Now available: The Opalis Integration Pack for PowerShell Script Execution

    Looks like Microsoft’s own Charles Joy announced the next addition to his collection of OIS 6.3 QIK based Integration Packs (IPs) on CodePlex. As you can see from the blog title, this one is all about PowerShell: If you have worked with PowerShell in OIS, you have likely needed to reference blog posts...
  • Blog Post: A couple new Opalis Integration Packs are available

    In cased you missed it, our very own Charles Joy  just announced some recent additions to the Opalis CodePlex site .  Since they are CodePlex releases they fall into that “no warranty, no support, use at your own risk” type of category but for those of you trailblazing with Opalis you may just...
  • Blog Post: Download the Opalis UI Generator tool to trigger Opalis policies remotely

    Our very own Bruno Saille has written a very cool tool called the Opalis UI generator that lets an Opalis administrator browse graphically through all policies with a custom start activity, pick one of them, and generate one of these two files, or both: - A XML template that can be used by the Remote...