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  • Blog Post: Microsoft Cluster Patching

    Caution Test the script(s), processes and/or data file(s) thoroughly in a test environment, and customize them to meet the requirements of your organization before attempting to use it in a production capacity.  (See the legal notice here)   Note: The workflow sample mentioned in this article...
  • Blog Post: Exploring VMM Live Migration as part of a patching workflow

    This post goes under the heading "Sometimes you have to learn the hard way"… or maybe "you don't know what you don't know". As I was building the workflows for patching VMM Clusters using Opalis and the Configuration Manager Integration Pack, I wanted to make absolutely sure that...
  • Blog Post: Opalis 6.3: Automating Hyper-V Cluster Patching using the Configuration Manager IP (Part 1)

    In the Getting Started with the Configuration Manager IP article, I talked about the basic scenarios we thought about when creating the Configuration Manager Integration Pack. Now it's time to go deeper and address some specific datacenter scenarios in detail. One of the things we hear from customers...