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Let's Get Dangerous with "Link" Text–Replacing "Link" via SQL Query

Let's Get Dangerous with "Link" Text–Replacing "Link" via SQL Query

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This post has been updated for Orchestrator and reposted to the Orchestrator blog here: Enabling Link Text But Getting Rid of “Link” in All Your Links

  • Hi Robert, I'm following your posts about Opalis and must say that you are doing great out there. I have a simple question about Opalis DB that I could not figure out. In the Objects or Policies table, I see entries that does not exist in OIS client. When I delete an object or policy, isn't it deleted from the database? So how much will it continue to grow, any ways to clean it? Thanks.

  • Policies and Objects are flagged as deleted when they are deleted from the client. But they are never purged from the database by OIS (you could obviously do so yourself manually – Bruno posted such a tool on codeplex in the final hours of 2010  opalis.codeplex.com/.../58305 ).

    The relevant column in the Policies table is called “Deleted”, the same goes for Objects table.

    By flipping that bit, you can “undelete” the policy.

    Unfortunately, we don’t have a trash removal SP built-in that purges these items up every now and again. Feel free to add a suggestion to the list for consideration in an upcoming release: connect.microsoft.com/.../feedback