Microsoft All-In-One Script Framework - IT Pros' Time Saver
Scenario-Focused Script Samples driven by IT Pros' Real-world Tasks

The key value that All-In-One Script Framework is trying to deliver is Scenario-Focused Script Samples driven by IT Pros' real-world pains and needs.   The team of AIOSF is monitoring all TechNet forums, and collecting frequently asked IT scenarios.  For example, if more than three forum threads are asking about the same IT task, we will regard it as an IT Pros’ pain point, and consider creating a script sample to automate the task and save IT Pros' time.   We are also monitoring all IT Pros' support calls to Microsoft, and the script requests submitted to TechNet Script Repository.  Therefore, the source of script topics in All-In-One Script Framework is different from the tradition.   There is customer evidence behind every script published in AIOSF.   All our effort is to deliver script samples that can better align with and meet IT Pros' real-world needs.