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What’s New in Script Browser & Script Analyzer 1.2

What’s New in Script Browser & Script Analyzer 1.2

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The Script Browser and Script Analyzer apps have received nearly 15,000 downloads since they were released half a month ago.  Microsoft PowerShell MVPs provided numerous suggestions to help us improve the apps.   Based on what we have learnt in the past two weeks, today we bring to you the 1.2 update of Script Browser and Script Analyzer.  The team is committed to making the apps useful. Your feedback is very important to us.

Download Script Browser & Script Analyzer 1.2
(If you have already installed an earlier version of Script Browser & Script Analyzer, you will get an update notification when you launch Windows PowerShell ISE.)


1. A standalone desktop version of Script Browser


In this release, we provide a new standalone desktop version of Script Brower so that non-PowerShell scripters, e.g. SQL/VBS scripters, can also benefit from the browser.

You can easily configure the Script Browser desktop app and the Script Browser PowerShell ISE plugin to share the favorite samples and downloaded samples.


2. New Cmdlets to manually load Script Browser / Script Analyzer when you need them

In the past releases, the Script Browser and Script Analyzer plugins are turned on automatically when you start Windows PowerShell ISE.  In this release, you can choose to manually load Script Browser and Script Analyzer into ISE when you need them.  Here is how to do it.

First, you need to uncheck the following ‘Allow the installer to update Windows PowerShell ISE profile’ option when you install the 1.2 update.  In this way, the Script Browser and Script Analyzer will not be loaded automatically when you start ISE.


Next, when you need Script Browser / Script Analyzer in the ISE, you can type the following cmdlets to load them:

  • Enable-ScriptBrowser
  • Enable-ScriptAnalyzer

When you do not need them, you can type these cmdlets:

  • Disable-ScriptBrowser
  • Disable-ScriptAnalyzer

We even provided a cmdlet for starting the desktop version of Script Browser:

  • Start-ScriptBrowserDesktop


3. Largely improved Script Analyzer rules

In this release, we figured out a new solution to largely improve the speedof Script Analyzer. 

We have also fixed all Script Analyzer issues that users have reported.  Please continue sharing your feedback with us.


4. Bug Fixes

a) Improve the startup speed of Script Browser and Script Analyzer

b) Fixed a sample rating display issue


We sincerely suggest you give the new Script Browser & Script Analyzer a try (click here to download). If you love what you see in Script Browser & Script Analyzer, please recommend it to your friends and colleagues. If you encounter any problems or have any suggestions for us, please contact us at Your precious opinions and comments are more than welcome.

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  • Still can't install Script Browser on a machine where My Documents is redirected to a UNC file share. Errors out on creating the directory.

    And installing it under an Administrator or other local profile enables it for that user but not any other users on the system. Any chance you'll correct this behavior?

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