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This T-SQL sample script illustrates how to check tempdb configuration per best practices. Tempdb is a system database is highly used by Sql Server and an optimal tempdb configuration is generally important for smooth running of the Sql instance.

Ideal tempdb configuration is a frequently asked question by IT administrators in the TechNet forums.  IT professionals want to check tempdb best practices by script, for example,

  • Checking current number of tempdb data files
  • Suggesting ideal number of tempdb data files (subject to testing).
  • Checking if tempdb files are created of equal size.
  • Checking if tempdb files are created of equal growth (increment and type).
  • Checking if tempdb trace flag (for uniform extent allocation) is enabled and required depending on Sql version
  • Suggesting if tempdb configuration is healthy if no suggestions were made
  • Ability to run script in Sql 2005/2008/2008R2/2012.
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