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This script finds users with specific features enabled in Microsoft Lync Server 2010. Features of following policies which defined in user scope are supported by this script.

  • Voice Policy
  • Conferencing Policy
  • Pin Policy
  • ExternalAccess Policy
  • Location Policy
  • Client Policy
  • ClientVersion Policy
  • Presence Policy
  • Mobility Policy
  • Archiving Policy

Microsoft Lync Server 2010 provides a lot of policies to allow IT administrators to control the features which could be used by end users. Currently, if administrators want to know the list of users who are allowed to use some features, they have to find these policies by using Where-Object cmdlet first. After that they need to prepare a filter script manually by using the policy names. It’s a time consuming job if there are a lot of policies in the organization. Also some administrators want to maintain this kind of list for compliance purpose.


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