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  • Microsoft All-In-One Script Framework Sample Release on August 23rd

    Microsoft All-In-One Script Framework is updated today with 10 new script samples.   These new script samples cover Office and SharePoint. All of these scripts are written for solving frequently asked IT tasks that our team observed in TechNet forums and Microsoft Support Incidents.  Many customers are asking about these IT scenarios...
  • Why All-In-One Script Framework?

    We observed some confusion about the relationship between TechNet Script Repository and All-In-One Script Framework .   TechNet Script Repository is a great platform for sharing, finding, and downloading script samples.   All-In-One Script Framework (AIOSF) is focused on creating script samples.  The script samples created by...
  • Microsoft All-In-One Script Framework Sample Release on August 1st

    This is the first release of script samples in Microsoft All-In-One Script Framework. We bring to you two Office 365 automation script samples, three Windows Server / Windows Client scripts, and three Exchange Server 2010 script samples. All of these scripts are based on frequently asked IT tasks that our team collected in TechNet forums and Microsoft...
  • Follow Microsoft All-In-One Script Framework on Facebook and Twitter

    You can stay up to date on the latest news, service offering, and script samples via our Facebook and Twitter pages.   You can also post your needs and questions to the product team of All-In-One Script Framework and interact with other followers.
  • Announcing Microsoft All-In-One Script Framework - IT Pros' Time Saver

    We all know the pressure of being an IT Pro - it is a busy and challenging life! Late nights, nervous strain, repetitive work, and talking to themselves. Does this sound familiar to you? Today Microsoft is announcing All-In-One Script Framework - an IT Pros' Time Saver. It is a sister project of Microsoft All-In-One Code Framework – Developers...

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