I would like to report on 2 events in one post.

First TR4, oh the great TR! Over 7,000 Microsoft Employees from all over the world gathered in Seattle to attend. Luis Camara Manoel and I gave several presentation and chalk talks around the SharePoint Template Upgrade Toolkit, and had a chance to mingle with the extremely diverse crowd.

One item of interest to me was finding out that Groove is not going away. There have been rumors on the "net" that Groove will not be present in the next Office release as a separate product. This is not true, Groove is not going away, and will be very much present in O14, and onward. I’m sure UI will change to fit better with Office UI, but product will not dissolve into other Office applications.


EMEA SharePoint conference was in Berlin, and I'd like to take this opportunity to say "thanks" to my boss for allowing me to participate. Over 2500 people attended, most of who were representatives of Microsoft Partners.

Luis and I presented on the SharePoint Template Upgrade Toolkit, and spent most of our “free” time talking to partners. That said we hardly had any time to see the city, which is on my TODO list for next time.

If you can read French, here is a recap of our session, including a few pictures.


Stay tuned for more!