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A picture is worth a thousand words - especially in OneNote

A picture is worth a thousand words - especially in OneNote

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As I've probably said before, I'm a big fan of OneNote and rely on it to keep all my meeting notes, project ideas and random jottings in one place. As a result I've got a vast array of notes made up of all sorts of types of content: my handwriting, typed comments, copied PowerPoint slides, and "print outs" of other documents such as Word files or PDFs.

All of which could make retrieving information a bit tricky, were it not for the amazing scope of the OneNote search facility in the 2007 release. (And if I'm waxing lyrical a bit too much for your taste, then, yes, I should confess that this particular feature got me out of a sticky situation only this afternoon.)

With the new Optical Character Recognition, there's nothing left that OneNote can't search. So now it doesn't matter whether the great insight you recorded was an idea you scribbled in a meeting, or written on the slide that you copied, or even on a picture that you took and stuck into OneNote - the search capability will find it all.

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