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What it's really like to be working with the 2007 Microsoft Office System Beta 2

Save changes? What changes??

Save changes? What changes??

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Under Beta 2 (or at least B2TR), Outlook has apparently developed a severe case of saving paranoia.

Almost everything I open - and contacts in particular - seems to think it's been changed. So when I go to close the item in question, I get prompted to save.

Now I like the save prompt, and it's certainly saved my skin several times in the past, but this is starting to get ridiculous. This morning I opened up a contact, looked at the phone number (I swear, I didn't even click into a different field with my mouse) and when I hit Escape to close the contact, up popped the save prompt.

I suspect that this is probably more annoying on a Friday than it might be on a Tuesday...

  • Ditto for me. I suppose I am assuming this is one of those "obvious" problems that will be eliminated from a future beta / release candidate. Not a show-stopper, but mighty annoying.