Whilst reading Bad Language, I came across this really good reminder of something that I totally take for granted in Beta. Word Count in Word 2007 - now appears constantly at the bottom of your Word window

Word Count

This reminded me of an instance in the office last week, someone shouted across the floor "Where the h*** has word counter gone?!". Calmly my manager replied "Look at the bottom left hand corner of your screen". You see, in the Marketing Communications team, word count is often quite important to us so I guess this was one of the first things that me and my colleagues quickly figured out.

This led me to think of a comment from another one of my colleagues "I don't need to know all that detail of that branding stuff, I know you'll know off the top of your head".

Warped thinking as this might be (when you are a believer that everyone in an organisation should be a brand advocate), he is right, that's why we work in sometimes quite complex virtual teams, so that we have subject matter experts.

To get to the end of my train of thought, and ultimately my point, I have started to think about all the really cool things about the Beta that I am probably missing just because of the way I work and the type of work that I do. So, it would be really great to hear from any of you about any of the big or small things in the Beta that have really helped the way you work, it may seem blatantly obvious to you, but chances are it might not to loads of people :-)