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More search triumphs

More search triumphs

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This is not really related to the 2007 release. In fact, it's more of a nod to my Vista team mates.

I'm sitting in a training course, trying to plan out my answer to an assignment that I have to complete. The assignment is related to my work and I know that I wrote a draft plan, back in April, that contains a huge chunk of relevant information. The only problem - that was over six months ago and I haven't a clue what the document was called or where to find it.

So I start hunting around my document folders and I can't see any sign of it in any of the "likely" places I would have filed it. But the more I think about it, the more I think the document probably had "O2007" in the title.

Cue the Vista search engine. In a few seconds I've got all the results I could want - including at least two instances of the document I'm looking for. Not only has Vista search found a version of the document in an email that I sent to a colleague, it's also found the document on my "My Site" (a SharePoint repository where I don't even remember storing it).

Smiles all round.

  • and of course, no WinFS required. that usecase was always overdone. indexing is key, and its good to hear MS has filled htis hole

  • it's probably not the place to say this, but Google desktop does already for those who are still using XP.

  • Sure, and MSN and Yahoo have had similar desktop search tools for several years as well.

    The key thing in this example though is that the Vista desktop search found the document I was looking for on a SharePoint "My Site". Now that Google can't do!

  • I've just had an update from a colleague with a few more details as to the advantages of Vista search:

    The fact that search is integrated into the operating system means that Vista will index your documents without slowing down your system (apparently this is a criticism of other, older desktop search tools).

    Also Vista search will find documents that have been moved since they were first saved, and there's no risk that the information in your private index is being sent to a third party.