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The joys of a known issue

The joys of a known issue

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Beta software inevitably has bugs. That's part of the "deal" and a part that I'm usually pretty happy with. More often than not there's a workaround or the bug isn't such a big deal and you can cope.

But not since the very early days of Beta 1 (long before the beta went public) have I come across a bug as infuriating as this one. OneNote (which next to Outlook is indispensable in my life) couldn't keep up with my typing.

Now I'm a pretty fast typist (if I say so myself), but even when I slowed down to a lazy pace, it didn't improve. I might have typed "Beta software inevitably has bugs" but what I got was more like "Ba soware inevitably s bugs". Not only was this extremely annoying, it was massively inefficient and I was taking three times as long to type anything. And by the time I got to the end of a paragraph some of the sentences were so mauled as to be unrecognisable.

In despair, I mentioned this to a colleague. "Ah yes," he replied sagely. "That's a known issue."

Oh great, I sulked. Like that's meant to make it any better. You're still stuck with the problem, but it magically becomes more bearable because other people know about it. I don't think so...

Well in this case, I was happily proved wrong. The fact that "other people", namely the product team, knew about it did make a difference, because in this instance they've come up with a work-around.

The "slow typing" issue has been addressed (I won't say fixed just yet) - you can avoid the problem by closing the "drawing tools" and "my pens" toolbars. Simple as that.

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