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What it's really like to be working with the 2007 Microsoft Office System Beta 2


Bug bear fixed (aka the beta rollercoster)

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Another from Chris...


One of the things that we're very good at doing at Microsoft is testing our own products - we call it "eating our own dog food" and it leads to a fairly rollercoaster like experience.


Darren Strange has a great post about the "beta life" and the upshot of this is that it's not uncommon to install a later build or version of a product.


Moving builds is a little rollercoaster like, but then that's part of the fun.  It's interesting to see what gets changed along the way.  Sometimes you can install a newer build and find that something now works that hasn't really worked before - such as publishing internet calendars that I could never get to work in previous builds.


Equally, some things get removed, moved or stop working, which is a bit less fun, but then that's exactly the point of us using the products - to catch these little issues - and it's also part of the beta journey that helps us understand the products and their development better.


This can lead to confusion - when is something a bug that doesn't work as it should, and when is it a deliberate decision about that feature?


Well I'm pleased to announce that Gill's bug bear Has been fixed in a later build of Office.  Now you can copy text from the live preview within Outlook - and Gill can get home for dinner :-)

  • the font on my print outs shrunk to the smallest size possible.It is still a worry.Help?