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Share your calendar with your wife (but only if you want to)

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As you can probably tell from the title, this is not my blog posting :-) bringing the Office Pioneer blog to you today from Chris Rothwell:

Hello - I'm your supply-blogger while Gill takes a well earned holiday, I'll be posting a few things that that I like around the 2007 release of the Office system that I've been using for a while now...


For a lot of people (including me) Outlook is the application where I spend most of my day.  Not only does it handle all my email, but it also does a good job of managing my calendar.  It has all my work and personal appointments in there – Outlook (along with my SmartPhone) have replaced my diary completely.  Which is great, but unlike the calendar on the wall at home, it’s not possible for your wife to see when you’ve got things planned, or when you’re going to be away and that has the fairly substantial drawback of relying on me remembering to mention these things.


A really common request is when people want to be able to share their calendar with their wife/husband/partner/family/friends.  In fact - anyone who doesn't work for your organisation, including customers, partners or agencies that you’re working with.


Well in 2007, you're able to publish your calendar to the internet, and then give people permission to view your calendar.


And what's even better is that it's really easy :-)


When in the Calendar, simply click "Publish my calendar" in the bottom-left corner and you get this box of options.


So you can choose how much you show people, when the calendar updates, and if you want to restrict access or not.


When you click OK, you sign into the service using a Windows Live ID (formerly known as passport) and your calendar is uploaded.


Then an email like the one below, that lets you send permissions to the people you want (who also need Windows Live ID's to log in) and that's it.  Now your wife can see when you're supposed to be home....

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