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Charlene McKellar signing off...

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... from my email. Now, a process that has become much easier, thanks to the improved  "signature" feature in Outlook.

I can't really remember how you switched between Outlook signatures manually in previous versions, but I do remember that it was too much hassle and I never bothered. Although I did have rules set up for having different signatures on emails I sent and emails I replied to, much easier to do.

But now, the manual switching has become really simple. On the "Message" tab in your Outlook message (the default tab), in the "Include" section, you will find a "Signature" button, which allows you to pick whichever of your signatures you like and changes it right there on your mail message, so now you can change your signature from the message in just two clicks.

Check out Allister Frost's blog for tips on creating the perfect sign off. And be smug that you don't need to follow the menu structure instructions to create/edit a signature, just click on the "Signature" button and choose the signature drop down :)

  • Like the new button but you clearly weren't aware that, in Outlook 2003, as long as you had a signature on the message, you could right-click on it and select a different one.  So your two-click capability is nothing particularly new.

    However, the new button is still more logical.

  • In fact, having lookat at Allister Frost's blog post, it is mentioned there at the 4th bullet!