.... or "Have a look at all the hard work I've done this year"...

Just two of the ways that you can use the Photo Album functionality in PowerPoint 2007. Gill and I discovered this nifty little addition to PowerPoint when we were having a look through the menu bars to see if there was anything immediately apparent that we had not been using ourselves over the past few months.

It's quite easy to see why we've missed this one so far - Photo Album doesn't immediately scream "productivity at work" to me. But as I had a quick play around with this, I started to think about how it could actually be useful for work.

You can create a new Photo Album by just clicking on the Photo Album button on the Insert menu

And it took me less than 60 seconds to create this little album

The really cool thing is that it would have taken only a few seconds more to create an album with 20 pictures, just a case of selecting more pictures in the "New Photo Album" wizard!

So, this is great for nicely presenting all your personal pictures - holiday photos, family days out, etc. But, also really useful for showcasing your work to colleagues (and your boss) in some cases. In my job, we do some work on outdoor advertising, and to present this information, in the past it has been quite time consuming to create the PowerPoint slides to demonstrate this. Now we could just select the pictures and let the Photo Album wizard do the rest.  

This led me to think about how this can be used in other job roles:

  • Regulatory bodies could use it to create reports on inspections that they carry out (and where necessary protect the content with Information Rights Management)
  • HR professionals could use it for presenting head shots and interview notes together for any given job vacancy
  • Estate agents could create visual reports on houses sold, let, available, etc.

And I am sure that there are tons more, if you can think of any let me know :-)