I've been really impressed with PowerPoint 2007 and have blogged here at length about just how much time I've been saving - and how much more professional it makes me look!

So when I received an email over the weekend pointing out some serious problems with the outlining functionality I was disappointed to say the least.

For anyone who hasn't used outlining, it provides a different, cut-down view of your presentation ("just the facts") which can make it a lot easier to structure your thoughts or reorganise a presentation. It can be a godsend if you've got a huge amount of material to cover and you're trying to work out the most effective order to present it.

Sadly, the flaws pointed out by my correspondent are limiting to say the least:

And then I tried outlining. I'm using the Beta 2, which I hoped would solve the problem I found in beta 1 but it still doesn't work properly. You can just about select text in outlining view, but the selection doesn't cover what you are trying to select.

And then, what happened to promote/demote and move up/down? Come on Microsoft, some of us really use these a lot! The only way you seem to be able to access them is to get into customise and then put the commands on the ready access bar. Not what I'd want to do -- you don't need them for any other application.

There's no nice way to say it: outlining is a mess.