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Screen Clipping From OneNote

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I’m aware that we have mentioned screen clippings once very briefly already in this blog but I just wanted to highlight again how easy it is when you have Office OneNote to save any image from anywhere on your monitor into your notes.


All you have to do is press “Windows Logo and S” and then your monitor automatically appears dimmed to allow you to highlight the image you want to select,




then once selected it copies that image into OneNote for you.




Aside from copying the image to OneNote it also copies it to your clipboard in case you want to paste it directly into an email or a document. This is a great way to save time. The way in which I did this previously was either by clicking ‘save as’ on an image or using ‘Print Screen’ on the keyboard. I no longer need to waste time cropping the image using either of these techniques, instead it is all automatically done for me.