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How to keep to your 200MB Mailbox size limit

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Anyone who knows me will know that my constant annoyance about Outlook is the 200MB limit set by IT on my mailbox. Now, I know that this is supposed to help us stay compliant to data storage laws and only keep the documents that we really need.... But, when you are working on 5-10 Marketing Communications projects at a time and are constantly receiving all the "huge" and "enormous" (Outlook classifications) files that come with that, it is really difficult to manage.

Another known fact about me is that I am a meticulous filer - this means that instead of having a massive Inbox, I have a detailed folder structure in my inbox and that's how I manage and find all my emails and documents. So, I find it very hard when trying to empty my mailbox because in total I have about 40 sub folders and it takes a long time to go through all of these and get rid of or move the emails that I don't need for my day to day work.

When I returned from holiday in the beginning of July it took me almost a whole day to sort out my Inbox before I really started to be productive. So when I returned to the office last week after being at a conference for 5 days, I thought there has to be a better way to do this. This is when I noticed the "Large Mail" folder that is found in the Search folders in Outlook. 

Just going through this and either removing large attachments, deleting the emails or moving them to another location took my mailfile size all the way back down to 100MB!!

That should keep me going for another couple of weeks ;-)

  • Funnily enough, Office 2007 boasts a fantastic solution to the problem of big email attachments and "where's the latest version of the marketing materials for xyz.." problem.



  • What you need is a shiny new 64-bit Exchange Server 2007 that allows you to have a much larger personal mailstore without needing extra servers. And I have a funny feeling that that's exactly what you might have quite soon!

  • very good whayt i see of it so far