Splitting tables is a lot easier in the 2007 release than previously was the case. Instead of getting lost in a pile of menu options, now I just click on the Layout tab (one of the specific Table Tools tabs) and choose the "Split table" button. So I like this a lot.

What is frustrating is that as soon as I do this the Table Tools tabs disappear and I'm back on the Home tab. Now this makes perfect sense - from one perspective: I've just split the table and my cursor is now sitting in an ordinary paragraph, so I'm no longer in a table, so I don't need the Table Tools.

But if I want to split a table into several parts, I'm stuck in a really frustrating loop: click on the table; click the Layout tab; click the Split Table button - and repeat… Having to click the Layout tab, each and every time, feels like an unnecessary step and while it's only one extra click, it does make the whole process feel laborious and disruptive.

I think what I'd like would to see is for my cursor to stay in the table, and for the table to be split above my cursor. That way, the Table Tools tab wouldn't disappear and I wouldn't have the extra click in the process. More like the way "Split cells" currently works.

I wonder if Jensen and his team could make this happen...