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What it's really like to be working with the 2007 Microsoft Office System Beta 2


Sending my Efficiency Rating through the Roof AND Saving the Rainforest ;-)

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As an infrequent user of OneNote 2003, I continue to be amazed at the difference OneNote 2007 is making to my day to day working. Sure the 2003 program was pretty cool with some really practical features and benefits that no other program can provide, but 2007 is actually changing the way that I work. This brings me to the second aspect of Microsoft Office that I have previous flirted with but never really discovered the true benefits in the 2003 release. Outlook tasks.

I do have to confess I am (or should I say, have been...) a pen and paper girl. I have notepads for all my different projects and I have plastic wallets that hold all those notes once I have finished actioning them. With OneNote 2003, I really did find the note taking and sharing capability greatly useful, but I still found myself looking at those pages and making myself a To Do list that I could keep on my desk, forever in my line of sight until I could strike the actions out.

Now in OneNote 2007, all I have to do is flag the task on my OneNote page and that task automatically appears in my Outlook task list... amazing.... for a To Do list oriented person like me.

What's more if the OneNote page is notes that I am taking in a meeting, I can open the OneNote page from my Outlook appointment, create my notes in OneNote, and those notes will be forever linked to that Outlook appointment in my calendar.... no matter where I might re-file the page in the future. 

So, all that time that I spend analysing my notes and picking out me key actions has now been taken away, I no longer have to struggle searching trying to find my notes about a particular meeting, and my paper consumption has dramatically reduced. I feel relaxed and on top of my workload, and quite good about my reduction of wasted paper ;-)


  • Sure the 2003 program was pretty cool...but 2007 is actually changing the way that I work.