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Issues after installing PowerPoint 2003 update KB2464588

Issues after installing PowerPoint 2003 update KB2464588

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Some users have contacted Microsoft support (and found their way to the blog comment feature) to ask for a remedy to the background images issue identified in the KB article relating to our PowerPoint 2003 April 2011 Public Update.

We had mentioned earlier that we intended to make a hotfix available as quickly as possible to address the situation. We have now posted an update to fix this issue. The KB article is here, and the download is here. You can manually download and install or deploy the fix. The new KB number is 2543241.

In our June Public Update release, we will release the update through the Automatic Update channel, where any remaining users will be updated with the changes.

  • @Scytale - the new KB article contains this text:

    "Hotfix replacement information

    This hotfix replaces security update 2464588, which is described in bulletin MS11-022."

    Were you hoping to see something else?

  • Microsoft Team, yesterday evening you posted; "We are investigating the reported issues of PowerPoint 2002, 2003 and 2007 freezing, and we will continue to update the blog with plans to address that issue."

    This is an acknowledged issue impacting all XP SP3 Office 2003 user.  Please provide status on the resolution plan ASAP.

    Notes:  We've uninstalled KB2464588 and installed hotfix KB2543241, and the Powerpoint freeze issue remains.

  • A manually downloadable hot fix is just great for one PC or a few PCs, but what about enterprise class customers?  I am supposed to go out, buy a 3rd party deployment tool to install this on over 200 PCs?  Have of which are not conected via my WAN, rendering a newly purchased deployment tool useless anyway?  

    Microsoft - you caused the problem, you fix it properly.  This hotfix is an unacceptable solution - re-release a proper patch available through WSUS please.

  • @Mark E technet.microsoft.com/.../bb332157.aspx WSUS is a free service (as part of Windows Server) you can use to deploy updates to multiple desktops.

    blogs.technet.com/.../adding-cumulative-updates-to-display-in-windows-server-update-services-console.aspx is a post to help you get started in adding hotfixes to your update catalog.

    We are planning to release the fixes to these solutions in a future Public Update, and they will be available at that time as Automatic Updates. Our choice to offer these as hotfixes first is our choice to get the fixes delivered as quickly as possible.

  • @Christopher Burger - we are working on a fix and will post it as quickly as we can. Again I would encourage those of you experiencing issues with PowerPoint freezing to contact 1-866-PCSAFETY (it's a free support engagement). This will create a support case which will provide you with the most current information.

  • "In our June Public Update release, we will release the update through the Automatic Update channel, where any remaining users will be updated with the changes."

    Why do we have to wait until June when you know it is an issue for so many users and you already have a fix?

  • Well, the automatic updates are annoying sometimes, but after many years this is really the first time, where it brings me into serious problems. I wonder really that I cannot just uninstall such a KB patch. And I do not just have a spare notebook and have to prepare a business trip.

    As others described the hotfix fixed the disappeared backgound images problem , but the freeze problems is still there, after 1 minute or so, so what to do? (XP, Office 2003)

    @MS team: "we are working on a fix and will post it as quickly as we can", are we talking about hours, then I am happy to wait? Or can it even take weeks??

    Bye from Germany, where an American phone number for support doesn't help much, need a fix, really.

  • This looks to get around the hanging problem in PowerPoint 2003 until MS can get a proper fix out:

    turn off the “Check spelling as you type” option in Tools, Options, Spelling and Style.

  • I am still having problems with my powerpoint freezing. Is there any way to fix this?

  • Still don't see a fix for Office XP. Anyone know when an expected fix will be available?

  • Can this be imported into WSUS?

    It does not appear to be searchable in the Update Catalog using "office2003KB2543241ENU" or "2543241" or variations thereof.

  • I tried calling 1-866-PC-Safety as recommended and it just continues to ring with no answer.

  • Turning off “Check spelling as you type" fixed the issue of PowerPoint not responding/crashing.  Thanks for the suggestion Mark.  Now I just have to communicate to my users that they can turn that feature back on once MS puts and update out for this issue.

  • I have Office XP 2002.

    The update had completely changed my powerpoint files (background, text) and was freezing when I attempted to do anything.

    I followed Wolfgang's advice and deleted all office updates and everything seems to be OK.

  • blogs.technet.com/.../issues-after-installing-powerpoint-2002-update-kb2464617.aspx

    A hotifx for PowerPoint 2002 has now been released.

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